The Collar mile…

At Collar we overdo the thinking on what we can give
you more than others, we can’t give you ten’s of suits or
designers at the drop of a hat, but we can give you a
concentrated combination of the highest skillsets in their
class, quality over quantity, that extra mile!

Therefore our team constantly strive, our Consultant’s
just don’t do what they’re supposed to, we always add more,
whether it’s increasing your disciplines at photo editing
to your e-commerce team (ASOS/Swansea Institute of Design)
or Colour Management training to your studio (Mother/
Haymarket Publishers) our services just don’t end when
this site experience does, we always endeavour to compete
value with others. Just ask.

Heart of Collar

What we care about most

At one stage of our lifetimes we will all be touched in one
way or another by a horrible illness, and probably more than
most exceptional members of the Collar team.

Therefore we only feel it’s right when your dead proud of
something, to shout about it.

From simple Coffee mornings, raffles to golf days and hugely
successful hosted evenings and auctions, wing walking to
apple bobbing, here at Collar we help immensely and
support with all of these amazing and dedicated charities.

The pictures reflect the people we love most, most of them
the people that made us.

  • RETT UKCancer Research UK Macmillan UK Parkinsons UK